Hello: Superstar Adele hits up Minneapolis’ Hi-Lo Diner, Mall of America

Like many tourists, one international megastar got a taste of the Twin Cities over the long weekend. That would be Adele, the British singer who’s in town for two shows this week at Xcel Energy Center, and who brought a little bit of fame and glamour to some popular local destinations.

Unlike most tourists, however, she traveled with security detail.

That’s what gave her away to Amanda Cline, who spotted Adele in downtown Minneapolis Saturday. Cline was waiting for her bus on Hennepin and 7th when a dog ran up to her and started sniffing her feet. She saw a woman and a little boy running after the pup.

“The woman smiled and winked at me,” said Cline, of Richfield, “and I didn’t realize it was her till she was halfway down the street.” That’s when she saw the security, and realized she recognized the woman’s British accent.

Adele was wearing a black full-length onesie and leopard print flats. The boy was her son, who was “full of temporary tattoos,” Cline said. “I looked at her, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, no, there’s no way.’ ”

Adele was also seen at the Mall of America Saturday, taking her son to Nickelodeon Universe.

On Sunday, Adele dined at 112 Eatery according to a guest. That seems to be a favorite spot; she also ate there before a 2011 concert at Xcel, and even gave the restaurant a shoutout during the show.

It’s safe to say the singer’s got great taste. Adele also managed to snag a table at one of the hottest eateries in town, a vintage diner known for its meals severed atop donut-like confections.

On Monday, she tweeted a photo of herself and her touring crew at the Hi-Lo Diner, which was closed for the holiday, but open for one very special guest.

“Happy 4th July America! Really happy to be here,” Adele wrote, along with an emoji of the American flag.

The photo showed the group at a retro diner, without identifying it. Some sleuthing Twitter followers, however, matched the decor in the snapshot to the Hi-Lo. Diner reps declined to comment.

Rumor had it Adele may have stopped by the tail-end of the St. Paul Saint’s game Monday night to catch the fireworks with bandmates, according to folks in the stadium.

Speaking of rumors, it’s possible Adele could be staying at one of downtown Minneapolis’s tony penthouse suites.

Said Peg Roessler, a publicist, ” ‘Rumour has it’ that ‘Someone like you’ wants to know if Adele is ‘Rolling in the Deep’ at The Hotel Ivy’s penthouse. While I’m ‘Crazy for You,’ I can’t confirm or deny.”

Sharyn JacksonStarTribune.com



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