Concert review: Whiskey Myers at Varsity Theater


Whiskey Myers brought everything to a hefty crowd at Minneapolis’ Varsity Theater.

The beer, boots, cowboys, cowgirls and of course the whiskey of Whiskey Myers’ performance meshed together to create a magical experience worthy of a Minnesota night.

The band prepped their chords as Quaker City Nighthawks prepped the crowd that traveled from all over the midwest.

You name it, they were present!

Conceived with Texas genes, Whiskey Myers is not your typical country band.

By combining hard rock n’ roll to ethnic soul and heavy blues, they’ve branded a new generation of Texas music.

Unique branding is something Whiskey Myers has also successfully imprinted in the music scene.

Their outfits, the way they moved, and the vibe they brought to the concrete jungles of Downtown was more than any Houstonian expected from the Southern fella’s heavy country rock.

They performed wearing eclectic uniforms broadcasting a vintage band, straight out of a movie, ready to transport the audience back in time to the rear seat of a Cadillac as they cruised down the road with nothing but their guitars, a couple of coins, and a bottle of Jack.

That was the spirit of Whiskey Myers.

Having recently released their much anticipated album, “Early Morning Shakes,” they took the night by the horns and performed new and classic songs everyone could celebrate to.

“Where The Sun Don’t Shine,” their newest single has received rave reviews and recognition.

Friday night’s delivery of it was received no differently.

The single recently landed them the number one spot on the Texas Regional Radio Report, proving their talent to create honest music.

Shaking their hips, sipping on plastic cups and praying for a warm night was all the devoted army of outspoken fans could do as they caressed their partners to the tunes of “Ballad of a Southern Man,” “Broken Window Serenade” and even “Lonely East TX Nights.”

Except, this night was far from lonely.

The venue was packed with fans standing all over, VIP and second floor seats included.

Everyone was feeling it.


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